Peter Puppet Playthings

The Puppetry Arts Institute has a new display in the main room of “Peter Puppet Playthings”.  This group of  40 toy marionettes was donated  by Mike & Carol Robison in September 2005. We are pleased to have them on display, so they can be compared with our Hazelle Rollins marionettes, which were a local Kansas City manufacturer of toy puppets. Peter Puppet Playthings had number of licensed Disney characters, such as Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Lady & the Tramp, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and of course Mickey & Minnie Mouse, so this a another connection to this area. They also made Howdy Doody and Flub-A-Dub and other characters from this television show.

This company was incorporated in April of 1947 according to New York State records and dissolved in December of 1962. They have composition heads, hands, legs & feet and wood-block bodies. They have a trapezoid shaped control, called a “Untitrol” made of cardboard or plastic.

We also have three marionettes made by Regina Schaefer of Pinellas Park, Florida, which show some older folks as puppets - come see the bunny slippers on the woman.

We also have a display of puppets from Australia, purchased by Anitra Steele, a founding member of PAI, while attending a library conference “down-under”.


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